How Babysitters Can Handle Bedtime Chaos

One of the most difficult times for the babysitter is the bedtime. The kids might be well behaved and very easy to tackle all evening but the moment it is the time for them to go to bed they put up chaos.

The nanny needs to find out why the kids throw such a tantrum at bedtime. If it is because they had a nice time with her so long then it is undoubtedly a good job done by the nanny; in this case a little bit of bribery comes in handy to get the kids to bed.

Reading a bedtime story to them is a good option. In this way if the fun time can be prolonged a bit more then it becomes very easy to get them into their sleeping clothes and into bed quickly. It is always advisable to read them a fairly long story in a soothingly quiet and somewhat monotonous way. An interactive or exciting story might fail the nanny in her endeavor to calm down the kids.

Another more intelligent way to calm them down is offering them a story reading if only they have put on their sleeping suits and have brushed their teeth. This encourages them to help each other rather than fighting to be the first one to do it.

What’s the routine?

It is here that a little bit of homework by the nanny really works. Generally kids have a scheduled time for them to go to bed. The nanny should know this schedule soon after joining the family.

Seeing the situation from the children’s viewpoint, they have already had a different evening with you. So they might expect their bedtime to be different as well. So if the routine is known from beforehand then it is easy for the nanny to tackle the kids firmly but tenderly.

Again if the kids do not have a routine bedtime then it becomes a little difficult for the nanny to get them to bed. In this case the nanny has to be firm and consistent and make them realize that they cannot win over her in this case.

The nanny can help the children imagine how happy their parents would be if they find the kids fast into bed without creating the slightest fuss. The nanny can even make a star chart for the children and put small golden stars for each thing that they do throughout the evening. The children keep the chart to show it to their parents. This inspires the children to stay good and well behaved.

Source by Swati Banerjee

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