Fun Bunk Beds For Kids

With so many different types of bunk beds for kids, it’s hard to choose but keep in mind the children’s needs when opting for one. Normally, the best way to go about it is to find one that suits your child’s personality. Your little girl would love a bed that’s made to look like a dollhouse or a fairy princess’ castle all dressed up in purples, pinks and glitter. The little nooks and crannies can be used for storage or to display her toys and other treasures.

For your son, beds that resemble race cars or forts will get him all excited about bedtime. His imagination can run wild if he’s an outdoor enthusiast and his bed includes a tent on the lower bunk complete with screened-in windows and a roll-up flap. Some beds come with a slide instead of stairs to get down from the top.

While all of this is fun for your child, as a parent your main concern is safety. There are many instances where children have fallen off the top bunk especially if indulging in rough play or jumping on the beds. It is very important to teach the child safety first. Also when selecting, it is imperative that the top bunk have a strong barrier should your child roll a lot during sleep so as to prevent him from falling off the bed. Make sure they learn how to climb the ladder slowly and carefully too.

A children’s bunk style bed can come in many different styles like the basic, futon, L-shaped, triple bunk beds and a few others. Even if your child’s a teenager, he’s still not too young to use a bunk and in this case a futon bunk bed is quite appropriate. It can be used as a bed when friends sleep over and turned into a couch during the day.

Bunk beds are great space-savers. Once decided, you’ll find one that’s right for your child and also which fits in perfectly with the other furniture in his or her room.

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