Picking a Shoe for My Child Online

When both my children were starting to walk I didn’t want them feeling uncomfortable in their new little walking shoes, and often found that a lot of the shoes on the market were too heavy for their little legs and or bulky for a first pair of shoe. Walking is a huge milestone for you child and I didn’t want them to feel like they had to overcome another obstacle of having tricky shoes to wear too. Often the shoes that I found for them were light in weight, when they first started to walk. The tended not to have laces, as that was super painful when they were constantly coming undone. Going to the physical shops with small children for me was always a bit of a mission, what with the nappy bags, making sure the kids had drinks, were fed and happy before leaving home. Had something to amuse them in the pram etc. By the time I was at the shop, and even before I found a pair of shoes, and tried them on my children’s little feet, there was always a few temper tantrums for some reason or another that I needed to resolve. I was left at times’ feeling so exhausted… just by going to the shops! So here’s what I did… this is going to work for you too!

On a warm day I would when we were doing craft at home, and the water paints would come out. I would ask the kids to step into the paint and step on a piece of paper with both feet. Then I’d wait for the painted feet images to dry and measure both feet with a ruler in millimetres and centimetres.

Measuring both would give me often different sizes, as they tended to have one foot slightly bigger than the other. So I’d work of the bigger measurement for that child. Then I would do a Google search “looking for shoes online”, the amazon products would be in different sizes to what we’re used to seeing, but that was fine, because I had my child’s exact measurements, and I could convert them to suit the sizes that the shoes were selling for online, let me tell you… it was SO much easier to search for shoes for my toddlers this way, then it was to take them shopping at a store!

If you don’t like the paint idea, you could ask them to stand on a piece of paper and trace the outside of each foot also. The kids they get a big boost seeing their little feet on the paper, and you could do a few and have them decorate them or colour them in. We have many little coloured feet still in scrapbooks from the kids growing up. It was nice to be able to assist you with this one part of shopping that I use to find super tedious. If you’re like me and would rather shop online, but not sure if you’re getting the sizes right for your children, I urge you to give my helpful tips a try. Shopping for shoes for my kids isn’t a chore anymore, and I can do it anytime, in the luxury of my own home, whether the kids are having a mood or not. Happy Shoe Shopping!

Source by Ammie Harm

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