Choosing Fabric for Girl’s Dresses

Girl’s dresses enable young ladies to look special for a variety of situations. From school activities to family occasions, slipping on a pretty frock can contribute to an enjoyable event. Explore various fabrics suitable for festive dresses to help you choose the best style and weight to fit the garment.


Knit fabrics come in a variety of weights from light to heavy A benefit of knit is the ease with which it stretches, making this a comfortable material to wear. Casual girl’s dresses for everyday wear would be ideal candidates for knit material. Knit also comes in a variety of colors and patterns to fit any style preference. Choose a dress pattern that matches the degree of stretch of the knit to ensure the correct fit.


Numerous types of wool make this a versatile fabric. Wool is a natural material, and it can come both from sheep and alpaca. The weight of wool depends on the animal from which it comes. Wool is durable, and it can take withstand roughness when used as rugged clothing. For more formal wear, wool works well in the winter due to its exceptional warmth and beauty.

Rayon Challis

For a nicely draping fabric with a somewhat heavier feel than some of the lighter ones, rayon challis is an excellent choice. Rayon challis is heavier in weight than many variations of cotton, such as voile and lawn. However, it does have a smooth surface that lends itself nicely to girl’s dresses.


Casual garments made out of cotton are perfect for both dressy and everyday wear. Cotton fabrics include lawn, voile, and denim. Cotton voile is light in weight, and it has a semi-sheer quality, making it ideal for garments that require a soft drape. Lawn is much the same as voile, although it has more substance to it, resulting in a crisper feel. Denim is a heavy-weight cotton with little stretch or drape. A denim jumper would work well as a casual or work garment.


For another lightweight fabric choice, chambray is an ideal dress material. Chambray has a smooth feel, similar to cotton. However, this material doesn’t offer the same draping ability that voile, lawn, and rayon challis do.

Silk and Satin

For some gowns, silk is the only choice due to its lightweight and superior draping. Silk shimmers attractively, although it can sometimes be almost too slippery when used for a garment. Silk is a common lining fabric due to its light weight. Satin has qualities similar to silk, offering a beautifully glossy sheen when used for a gown or dress. Satin is available in a variety of colors and weights.


For a medium-weight material, linen is an excellent choice. A common drawback to linen involves the wrinkling that tends to occur as you wear it. When summer temperatures soar, linen is an ideal choice because it is an excellent conductor of heat. A garment made out of linen will tend to keep you cooler.

After exploring the many options for girl’s dresses, choose the one that will best fit the occasion.

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